Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes Plans Just Have to Change!

Oh my, this week is already not going as planned!  But that's not to say I've been any less productive!

Saturday I was distracted from my good intentions of finishing up the master bedroom.  Apparently I got hit by the nesting bug and in a few short hours my kitchen went from this...

to this...

In fact, I even got all of those dishes in the sink done and put away!

While it may look drastically different, it really didn't take that much effort and no single step took more than 10 or 15 minutes.  It was just a matter of tackling one surface at a time.  The funny part?  According to my decluttering action plan, I had a full week dedicated to this project!

I spent Sunday and part of Monday proving that I can, in fact, maintain that very orderly space.

As per my action plan, I've moved into working on the living room.  I'm hoping that having my wonderful husband home for an unexpected few days will help more than hinder!  This week's Declutter Along will be with this room.  I'm also working on taming the paper clutter this week as I have discovered that is a huge problem area in my main living spaces.  I'm thinking I'll take that week I had planned for the kitchen and show you all my new system instead. ;-)

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